Product Descriptions for Jewelry: Writing Tips

Pictures are worth a thousand words, except when it comes to selling jewelry. Beautiful and eye-catching product image are essential, but how you describe jewelry pieces is equally, if not more, important. Let’s discuss some best practices for writing elegant product descriptions for jewelry.

Capturing beauty

The ultimate goal is to create an image of beauty for jewelry products. Building this image requires an extensive look at words that invoke positive emotions and feelings, without being overly repetitive. Avoid the following words all together, as they are too simple and overused; beautiful, pretty, lovely.

Find words that share a similar meaning, but bring more uniqueness and creativity to your product description. Here are some examples; glamour, exquisiteness,and alluring. Something as simple as a change of one word can be the difference between becoming just another online store, and standing out amongst the competition.

Tell a Story

Allow product descriptions to create realistic scenarios for the customer. If the product is a beach-themed charm bracelet, mention how the product would serve as a great accessory for a beach vacation. For more elegant products, consider noting popular clothing items that would complement the jewelry piece in a stylish way.

Your end goal is to tell a story that captivates your customers. You want them to envision themselves wearing your jewelry and being satisfied with their purchase. This creates a more personal and memorable experience for customers, potentially leading to increased conversions.

Find Inspiration

Every store owner isn’t going to be an English major with superb writing skills, so look towards other jewelry stores for inspiration. Don’t copy descriptions word for word, but take note of the sentence structure and word choice, then decide if similar tactics are applicable to your store.

Here are a lift of popular jewelry stores for inspiration: