How Suppliers Can Maintain Transparency in E-commerce

For those who are wholesale/dropship suppliers to independent online retailers, maintaining a transparent relationship with business partners is essential. As we mentioned in our previous post, your product is an extension of your brand’s reputation. This is especially true when you decide to allow your products to be listed on another person’s e-commerce site. There are several risks involved that can damage your brand, and without a healthy, transparent business relationship, you can face substantial losses.

Thankfully, there is a way to keep the partnership between a supplier and online stores transparent and professional with F13 Works. We will discuss two important factors that play into the supplier & online store relationship and how F13 Works guarantees transparency.

1. Where your product is listed

As a supplier, you hold your product to high-standards. Therefore, you expect anyone selling your product to uphold those same standards. As a business professional, you would not sell your product in a brick & mortar store that was old, rundown, and unappealing to customers. The same concept applies to online retail. You want to know who is listing your product on their site and hold them accountable for meeting your expectations.


F13 Works can provide the transparency your brand wants and needs. Through our software solution, you can view who is listing your product in real time. With this added reassurance, you can create and build beneficial relationships with independent online retailers that will benefit all parties involved.

2. How much your product is sold for

It’s simple. For most consumers, low price equates to low quality. Naturally, having a Black Friday sale will not result in the devaluing of your product, but there is a certain benchmark that must be set. Like we mentioned before, you set your product to a certain standard; and the price of your product is a direct reflection of that standard. Imagine going to an online store looking for new shoes. You can find the exact pair you’re looking for on a site, but if the price is listed at $3, you mostly likely believe the product is low quality or a fake.

This is one of the biggest concerns that suppliers have when they consider selling their products through online stores. With F13 Works, you control your Wholesale Price, Minimum Allowable Price (MAP), and Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) directly in our software to protect the standard of your products and maintain the desired transparency with online stores.

Join us at F13 Works today. We’re building the future of e-commerce by uniting leading brands with influential online stores. Increase your revenue and reach a previously inaccessible customer base by selling your products online. With F13 works, you can feel confident that your product will maintain its high-standards and integrity, along with your brand as a whole.