A Shining Light on Shopify: IllumiBowl Survives the Sharks

Humble Beginnings


When Matt Alexander launched his Kickstarter for IllumiBowl, he never expected to raise over $90,000. With a goal of only $20,000, it’s safe to say he exceeded his own expectations. Shortly after his Kickstarter, Alexander brought on his brother-in-law Michael Kannely as a partner.

IllumiBowl was invented while Alexander was still a college student at BYU. The goal was to cure “bathroom blindness” that occurs when lights shine too bright in the middle of the night, and “night-time misses” that happen during late-night trips to the bathroom. Illumibowl is an LED Light that attaches to the side of the toilet and emits a soft light. It is said to last 100,000 hours. Customers have the option of a one-color setting or a rotation of eight different colors.

Facing the Sharks


With great profit margins and an innovative product, Matt and Michael were able to impress the sharks with their IllumiBowl. Originally asking for $100k for 15% of the company, they received an offer from Kevin O’Leary, who offers $100K for 25% of the company. “I like it, it’s kind of nuts,” Kevin stated.

Following their pitch on Shark Tank, Matt and Michael have seen much success with the help of Kevin. They manage to place their product in many local stores and individual franchises as they build up to larger retailers. In the beginning, IllumiBowl was selling with a $19.99 price tag, but with the help of Kevin, IllumiBowl worked towards a $5 reduction.

Landing on Shopify


Today, IllumiBowl has found its way onto Shopify with the help of F13 Works technology. Through our partnership with Spark Innovation, online store owners are able to list IllumiBowl on their site. The product is dropshipped from a U.S.-based manufacturer who has been vetted by F13 Works, and the entire process is automated for store owners through the app. This included order processing, billing, and fulfillment. The greatest advantage to selling IllumiBowl on your Shopify store is that it carriers third-party validation behind its name. Product descriptions such as “As seen on Shark Tank” can go a long way when it comes to building trust with customers on your site. Download our Spark Innovation app today and begin building the future of e-commerce with F13 Works.