Shark Tank to Shopify: The Screenmend Story

The Beginning

Brian, Emily, and Lily Hooks are the minds behind Screenmend, a product born out of a problem that the Hooks decided to solve. It is essentially an easy-to-use window and door screen repair kit that provides a simple and effective way to repair the holes that appear in door and window screens. The Hooks brought this new product to Shark Tank in Season 5 Episode 7.

“The ScreenMend works by applying a screen patch to a hole, then sealing it with heated wax. The Hookses claim the original, prototype ScreenMend patch is still in place after over four years! 9 year-old Lily came up with the idea for using wax to adhere the screen patch when she heard her dad complaining that an adhesive patch wasn’t sticking. She was scraping candlewax of a table (and it WAS sticking) and said “why don’t you try using wax?” The rest, as “they” say, is history.”

Dealing with the Sharks

Originally, Screenmend was only available on Amazon, with all manufacturing being done inside Brian Hooks garage. However, with the help of one of the Sharks, Screenmend ascended to the next level. The Hooks left Shark Tank with a deal from Lori, who helps the product sell-out on QVC and eventually brings the product to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and ACE Hardware. Screenmend was able to sell over $900k shortly after their deal with Lori.

Screenmend meets Shopify

With the help of F13 Works, Screenmend is now available on Shopify through our dropshipping fulfillment app, Spark Innovation. Store owners are now able to download the app for free, and place the product on their site. The entire process is automated; order processing, billing, and fulfillment. 4 different variations of the Screenmend product are available through the app, along with a number of other popular products, some of which were also featured on Shark Tank.

Why sell Screenmend?

Three words; third-party validation. One of the most profitable benefits of selling Screenmend on Shopify is that the product comes with third-party validation from multiple sources. Not only can store owners promote the product as featured on Shark Tank, but they are also able to share that the product has been sold in big name stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. This provides instant trust between the customer and the store as far as quality and reliability of the product.  Screenmend is a great product for any store that sells hardware related items. Get our free Spark Innovation app today and begin selling Screenmend on your Shopify store.