How To Sell Online in Saturated Markets

It isn’t easy to stand out as an independent e-commerce retailer. When selling common products, competing against established e-commerce platforms and well-known online stores can seem daunting. However, every day new businesses are entering these saturated markets and growing exponentially. So, how do they do it? We’ll explore two concepts that online store owners are adopting to differentiate themselves in oversaturated markets, while seeing continuous growth.

Differentiate on a Simple Level

Most online store owners are aware that the quickest way to stand out amongst competition is through differentiating themselves from their competitors, but we often look at this too complexly. Differentiation can be achieved on a simple level through the following tactics:

Use different images for your products

With dropshipping becoming more and more popular by the minute, independent e-commerce retailers are discovering that many online stores are selling the exact same product as them. Utilizing the basic imagery provided by your suppliers is counterproductive to standing out in saturated markets. Research to find new images of your products to use on your store, or invest in your own product shoots to ensure your store displays unique and uncommon.

Craft your own product description

As mentioned above, using the default product description provided by supplier is not an effective way to standout. A simple copy and paste from a customer can reveal hundreds of other online stores selling the same product. Take time to write persuasive copy for all of your products. Telling a story, sharing scenarios where your products can be used, and crafting a more attractive vocabulary will separate you from competitors immediately.

Rename your product

This tactic carries the same idea as writing unique product descriptions. Categories like jewelry and electronics are perfect for personal branding through product names. For example, where most store owners might name a product “Elegant Triangle Polished Bracelet”, you can create a completely new product name that immediately elevates you above competitors selling the same product.

Offer Greater Value Through Customer Relationships

Value doesn’t always need to refer to price. Many independent e-commerce retailers are discovering they can increase perceived value by establishing meaning relationships with customers. What’s the most effective way to do this? Social media. Building a social media presence and connecting with customers through these channels will create lifelong fans that will engage with your brand, promote your products, and become repeat customers.

Entering saturated markets is not a simply process, but many independent e-commerce retailers have found great success doing so. Standing out amongst competitors is essentially determined through your own level of uniqueness, variety, and overall quality. Use these tactics to gain a competitive edge and reach new levels in your own e-commerce journey.