Selling Apparel on Instagram

Are you looking to extend your product listings past your online e-commerce site? Well for the apparel industry, Instagram is the perfect social media channel to market your products and reach new customers. The best part, it can be done organically, efficiently, and quickly with the help of these tips.

Develop a following

It’s going to be very difficult to market products if you have very few followers. Your first step in selling apparel via Instagram is to grow a community of followers. Not just any followers will suffice. You want quality followers who will engage with your content and find your products relevant to them.

Here are two ways to grow a targeted following on Instagram:

1. Do some creeping on your competition.

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of online apparel retailers on Instagram. Fortunately, many of them have already established a large following. Find competitors whose niche is like yours, and begin following accounts who like their posts. The advantage of this strategy is that you are ensuring that most accounts you follow will be active users who have some interest in your product. They are likely to follow you back as well.

2. Crosspromote through your other marketing channels

Your newsletter mailing list, social media followers, website visitors, and current customers are all potential connections for your Instagram page. Consider inviting your newsletter subscribers to follow your Instagram account and share testimonials about your product on their own page. Creating digital content to share on your other social media channels is a great practice to use when you launch your page.

Users who are connected to your brand on Twitter or Facebook are likely to follow you on Instagram as well. Crosspromoting your social media accounts on multiple channels works for any social media, not just Instagram. If you haven’t already, add social media follow buttons to your website footer or header. This provides returning and new customers the opportunity to connect with you on social media.

Choose a theme

You’ll want your page to stand out among the crowd. Therefore, it’s necessary to decide on the image you want your brand to present on Instagram. The theme of your page is much more than the colors and filters you use. What message should customers receive from your page? Will your page reflect style? Affordability?

The possibilities are endless, and the control is in your hands. Don’t be afraid to test different themes when you’re first starting out. However, you will eventually need to select a single theme for your channel. See the pictures below for some examples of aesthetically appealing themes.

Using hashtags

Hashtags are the most important factor when it comes to reaching new customers and gaining exposure for you page. Ideally, you’ll want to choose hashtags that are popular among your niche, but not so popular that your post is lost in an over-saturated market. For example, using #pants will not gain you any new customers or followers.

Scoping out your competitors is a great way to find the hashtags your niche is responding to. Another option you have is a service that determine hashtag popularity for you. Hashtagify is a great tool for testing hashtags and building a list of 4-5 that will provide exposure and visibility.