New Shopify App for Electronics Stores

We have launched our e-commerce software solution in a new Shopify app! Connect with vetted, US-based electronics suppliers today by downloading the Product Creations Group app on Shopify.

How It Works

Simply install this app into your Shopify store and choose which of our products you would like to add to your store. You will be shown a wholesale price which is the price you pay for the product as well as our Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), and a Minimum Allowable Price (MAP) for some items. The MSRP is what we suggest the item is sold for on your site while the MAP is the minimum price we allow the item to be sold for.

Once you set your price and add the item to your store you can start marketing the product to your customers. When a product is purchased we will automatically and immediately fulfill the order for you and update your Shop with tracking information. We will charge the wholesale price plus shipping to the credit card that you have on file with us anytime one of our products is sold in your store.

US-based drop-shipping fulfillment means your customers will receive products quickly and we GUARANTEE the quality with a 1 year warranty for every product! Customers can contact PCG directly for any warranty claims.

We work with partners on product design feedback, production quality control, packaging, and support so you can be confident that your customers have the best product experience.

Expand your product offering and categories by tapping into a network of brand partnerships from the USA and around the world. Our app automates order fulfillment, tracking and product updates so you just pick the products you like and let us handle the rest

Sell PCG products to your customers

PCG will drop-ship all of their products to your customers from their US-based facility. Including: phone accessories, consumer electronics, outdoor/sport items, fitness items, home goods, and more.

Product Creations Group develops and partners with consumer product brands to launch them into the retail world. PCG participates in partnerships with multiple brand portfolios for consumer product manufacturing around the world and distributes these products from our own facilities in the United States with universal customer support from our knowledgeable brand managers in the USA.

The App is FREE to use!

You only pay after you have sold a product to your customer and it is 100% automated so you don’t need to worry about paying for each purchase yourself.