Live Video: A New Way to Engage with Your Audience

Marketers are constantly searching for new ways to reach and engage with customers. Live Video serves as an excellent medium for connecting with audiences in real-time. With all major social media channels adopting their own streaming services, marketers are beginning to utilize these tools to engage customers while attracting new ones. Let’s explore several ways live video can serve as a bridge between brands and customers.

Behind-the-Scenes Look

Sharing a look into the inner-workings of your brand is a great way to use live video services. Meeting the team behind your brand, providing an exclusive look into your workspace, and even showing how your products are made can go a long way in terms of engaging with customers in an interesting and captivating way. Giving an inside look builds a more personal connection with your audience and allows them to feel invested in your brand.

Live Demo

Whether you offer physical products or services, live demos are an effective way to eliminate doubt in the minds of consumers while converting fans into customers. Display proper assembly of your product, show your audience the intended use, or get creative and highlight unique aspects and attributes of your product. Whatever you choose, make it interesting for anyone tuning in.

Free Giveaways

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all offer real-time chat features for their live video platforms. This feature can be turned into real-time sweepstakes/giveaways for your fans. Let comments and shares from fans tuning in serve as entry into the contest, and announce a winner once the contest has ended. Users will be sure to tune in next time you go live, even if it isn’t for a contest.

Video Premieres/Playbacks

This option applies to Facebook specifically. Many third-party streaming services allow users to screen/window capture their own computer or video device and stream directly to Facebook Live. This tool works well for brands that publish long-form video content often. Instead of premiering a new video through Facebook’s posting tool, conduct a live-stream premier. Facebook will send all fans of your page a notification when you go live, increasing the potential impressions your video will have.

In the same sense, this software can be used to playback popular videos you have shared in the past. Lightstream is a personal favorite of ours.