Free Shopify App for Online Apparel Stores

We have launched our e-commerce software solution into the Air Waves Shopify app, Air Waves On Demand. This app offers on-demand custom-printed apparel in a wonderful variety of styles and prices. Shipping from Ohio, they offer the quickest turnaround and highest quality printing available. They are a big improvement over Printful for those of you with experience.

All of our apps are currently offered only on Shopify stores, if you are interested in starting a store click here. If you already have a store use the link below to access the suppliers app.
All apps are free to download and include automated order processing, billing and fulfillment. You only need to place the product on your site with a mark-up and market them to your customer base.



  • High-quality garments at the best prices
  • Robust design tool so you can customize products
  • 2-day fulfillment on most orders

30 Years of Industry Expertise at Your Service

Air Waves LLC has been in garment industry for three decades now so it’s safe to say that we know what we’re doing. We have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. To put it simply, our people know their stuff and some pretty big companies would agree

We’ve worked with some of the biggest international retailers in the game, selling garments through both brick and mortar stores and through a variety of e-commerce platforms. We’ve built a great relationship with our partners and continue to do so. It’s because of our experience, our highly skilled workers, and our speed and efficiency that these major companies feel not only comfortable working with us but confident that we will meet and exceed their fulfillment needs.

Air Waves OnDemand

OnDemand is the latest innovation from Air Waves LLC and it’s about to change the e-commerce game in a big way. We’ve got the experience, we’ve got the skill, we’ve got the resources – and now we’d like to share it all with you. We know that you have some really great ideas for apparel products that are going to blow people’s minds so let us help you get there.

So what is it? OnDemand is a Shopify application that allows you to run your online apparel company without having to worry about keeping inventory, shipping, or any of that boring stuff. You build the design and customize your product based on the multitude of brand name apparel products we’ll make available to you. We’ll print and ship every order on demand, meaning we only print your product after you have a guaranteed sale. OnDemand eliminates the dreaded risks of keeping inventory and provides you with all of the necessary tools to get your brand up and going.


Using OnDemand is completely free and we’ll only charge you once a customer has ordered one of your products. We’ll let you know how much it’ll cost to print your product before you publish it to your store so that you can set your price high enough to ensure a good profit. When an order is placed, we’ll automatically charge the cost of production to a pre-registered card on your account and your customer’s payment will be sent directly to you. Shipping rates are not included in the OnDemand price and are as follows:

  • Domestic Standard: $3.25
  • International: $8.50
  • 2-Day Expedited: $19.00


We know you’re bringing us high quality designs and we want to make sure that they get printed onto high quality material. We’re not interested in cutting corners to get you some cheap piece of fabric that’s going to fade out after a few cycles in the washer. We want to make sure that your product lasts long, looks good, and is comfortable to wear. Air Waves LLC gets all of its garment options directly from the wholesaler to ensure that you’re getting the lowest cost possible. Here are just a few of the styles we offer:

  • T-Shirts: Basic value priced shirts as well as premium ring spun and tri-blend t-shirts.
  • Sweaters: Hoodies, crew necks, pullovers, etc.
  • Pajamas: For toddlers, infants, and grown-ups too!
  • Infant Bodysuits and Youth Apparel
  • Underwear
  • Maternity wear
  • Plus tons more!

With Air Waves OnDemand, we’ll make the best products on the market available to you. It’s a constantly changing market, which means a steady rotation of products at your disposal. Our 30 years in the business has lead to great relationships with our vendors, giving us access to the best products at the best prices and we’d like to pass those savings onto you.

Turn Around Time

What do you get when you combined a highly skilled and innovative production team with a massive production facility and state-of-the-art garment printing products? The answer is a quick turn around rate that usually has your product out the door within 48 business hours of being ordered.

We’re quick. Not because we cut corners but because we’ve got the necessary resources and we know how to use them. Your customers are excited about ordering your products and they don’t want to have to wait a few weeks or months to get it. They want it now and you can trust us to get their order to them as fast as humanly possible. We’re just that good.