Developing Brand Identity for your Online Store

You’ve decided to become an independent e-commerce retailer. After months of hard work and time invested, you’ve developed a beautifully designed website, found the perfect products to offer, and even created a few Facebook ads to drive traffic to your store. But, nobody is buying anything. This is often because you’ve missed the most important aspect of building an online store; brand identity.

It’s not enough to offer great products at competitive prices. Customers want to know who you are and what you stand for. Finding your brand identity and building upon it will not only increase conversions, but lead to an increase of loyal customers and lifelong fans of your brand. We’ll cover what brand identity really is and how you can begin to develop your own as an independent e-commerce retailer.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity can be summed up into one question, “Who are you?” While it may seem simple, the complexity of this question often confuses those who do not fully understand the multitude of levels that accompany it. Determining values, mission statements, long-term goals are a few of the different aspects wrapped into brand identity. The most notable difference between brand identity and brand image is that the latter deals with how the market perceives you, while brand identity deals directly with the reality of who you are and what you believe in.

Understand your audience

The first step in developing your brand identity is research. Discover who your desired target persona is and make note of the values and interests they hold. These will become the values you want to portray and establish within your own company. For example, most entrepreneurs value creativity, consistency, and flexibility in themselves, their peers, and the brands they purchase from. Displaying these values throughout the various channels of your company will help align your brand with their identity.

Create a Mission Statement

One of the most looked over aspects of a brand is the mission statement. It essentially describes the vision and goals of your brand. It’s easy to explain what your business does or how it does it, but how often are you telling customers ‘why’ you do what you do? Mission statements provide purpose and meaning to brands and are essential to your overall brand identity.

Identify Your Personality

Your brand may not be a person, but it can still be personable. Tone of voice, type, color scheme, and digital content can all work towards building and maintaining a personality for your brand. Chubbies is a great example of a brand building a personality and seeing immense success from it. Take a look at their Facebook page. With over one million likes, their content is engaging, humorous, and directly related to their target audience. You won’t see their brand try to imitate Nike or Ralph Lauren, and that consistency is what keeps customers coming back.

Brand Identity is a vital part of any company, especially in the world of e-commerce. You aren’t simply selling a product, you’re selling your brand, your story, and your character. This process will not happen overnight. Only consistency and focus will lead to a recognizable identity for your brand.