E-commerce Customer Acquisition Series: Quality

The argument of quality vs. quantity has been ongoing for years. Are 10,000 followers who rarely engage with your brand better than 1,000 fans who engage with your content regularly? While the verdict may still be out, one thing is for sure; quality builds loyal customers.

Price, branding, and social media presence will never triumph over the quality of a product or service. Often, you will find that customers will be more willing to pay higher prices to a store that offers a quality they can rely on. In our first adaptation of the Customer Acquisition Series, we look at the effects quality can have on your conversion rates; both positively and negatively.

Can ‘quality’ be defined?

Yes. Quality is the level of reliability, consistency, and dependability your product or service has. For example, if a customer buys a chair from you, how long will it last? Will it be damaged easily? Does the craftsmanship allow for long-term use? These are some of the questions that need to be considered when selling products online.

Can store owners really control the quality of their product?

Definitely. As a store owner, it is your responsibility to maintain a healthy and transparent business relationship with any manufacturers or suppliers you work with. If you manufacture products yourself, you already maintain most of the control over the quality of your product. Finding reliable manufacturers for supplies and materials will be the bulk of your work in working towards more control of quality, and will only improve your customer acquisition rates. Building loyal fans is the key to longevity and continued revenue for any e-commerce store.

What if I dropship products?

For independent e-commerce retailers who dropship products to their customers, you are still able to control the quality of your products. Working with trustworthy, U.S.-based provides you with the greatest chance of finding a high-quality product to sell. If you choose to dropship from over-seas suppliers, not only will customers be frustrated by long wait times, but they will quickly notice how cheap and inexpensive your products may be. This will result in a potential fan, turning into a negative review. Customer acquisition cannot happen without a high-quality product

As previously mentioned, store owners can regain control over the quality of their products by finding and connecting with reliable suppliers. The downside is that locating and contacting suppliers in the U.S is expensive and time-consuming. However, there is a solution. F13 Works has launched its e-commerce software into several Shopify apps that allows store owners to pull products directly from the app into their store. The best part is that all products are provided by U.S.-based suppliers, so store owners can trust they are providing high-quality products with low shipping times to their customers.