Custom Print on Demand App

The Future of E-commerce

More clients, more sales, more revenue 

As an apparel decorator, staying up-to-date with the latest developments in e-commerce can be difficult. Your clients are in new spaces and expect you to offer a seamless integration with their e-commerce platform of choice. Whether it’s Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magento, the days of handling one-off integrations are over. You need a solution that allows you to manage clients, process orders, control inventory, and automate your fulfillment process.

What is a custom print on demand app?

It’s a software solution that allows you to manage client relationships and order processing seamlessly. Clients can plug-in to your product catalog, view pricing, add design files, and place orders all on their own. This saves you time and money spent working with new clients one-by-one. A custom e-commerce integration simplifies and automates your client relationships and order fulfillment processes.

The Problem

The apparel decoration industry is falling behind. More and more clients are looking for apparel decorating solutions that are seamless, simple, and efficient. However, most of the apparel decoration industry is still offering one-off integrations that cost too much time and money.

These one-off integrations usually require about 20-60 minute per client, which isn’t scalable at all. At best, 1,000 new client integrations would take over 300 hours, and at worst, 1,000. Apparel decorators need an integration that can be effortlessly implemented and maintained across a wide range of online stores and e-commerce platforms.

The Solution

Custom print on demand apps are the answer to this dilemma; a long-term, direct integration with clients on any e-commerce platform that requires no additional time whether it yields 10 or 10,000 additional store integrations.

Printful, one of the largest apparel decorators in the world, has mastered the concept of the custom e-commerce integration. A $64 million business, Printful is expected to reach one million registered partners by the end of the year, all while continuing to integrate with more e-commerce platforms. 

Check out the video below to see how simple it is for a customer to begin integrating with Printful. 

Become a high-volume decoration shop by meeting your clients where they are and offering seamless integrations that allow you both to grow and scale effectively.

Reach More Clients

Expand Your Reach and Earn More Clients

Connecting with clients and generating orders is what drives your business as a decorator. Right now, you may have already established powerful relationships with your local market. However, you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with new clients around the country who are interested in your apparel decoration services.

So, how do you reach these customers across the country? With your own custom print on demand app, you can reach new clients on any of the major e-commerce platforms, including:

Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

With access to those three platforms alone, you’ve expanded your reach to over 85% of online retailers. Now, you can leverage your custom e-commerce integration and drive new business without missing a step. 

With the ability to manage thousands of clients and their orders seamlessly, your earning potential increases exponentially as you continue to grow and create new partnerships. 

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Add Revenue

Your New Revenue Channel

With new clients comes new revenue. Custom print on demand apps offer multiple opportunities for you to maximize your earning potential. On Shopify alone, private apps drive a significant amount of revenue. The average Shopify app integration earns $2,000/month in revenue on subscription fees.


Cover your costs and earn more revenue by charging a monthly subscription fee for your custom print on demand app. You’ll be more likely to build serious client partnerships while elevating your earning potential when new clients partner with you.

User-Friendly Design Tool

Easy artwork/decoration specifics

Working with clients who are not experienced graphic designers can be difficult. There are numerous artwork/decoration specifics to take into account for your orders. We help relieve some of this stress on you and your clients by offering a simple, easy-to-use design tool.

Our fully-optimized designed tool that allows any client to upload artwork files to your apparel decoration products while ensuring their files meet your decoration specifics.

When a client places an order for one of your products, you receive the full artboard with the artwork file.

The design tool is optimized for all e-commerce platforms and is included in your custom print on demand app.

You can view this entire process from a client’s perspective below:


Become a High-Volume Decoration Shop

If 1000 new customers approached you today, how would you handle it?

Traditionally, apparel decorators bring on new clients through singular, one-off integrations. While this is a common model, it presents difficulties in the e-commerce space. 

How long does it take you to partner with a new client? Our research shows it can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes per client That isn’t scalable at all. Using the question above as an example, adding 1,000 new clients would take over 300 hours, at best. At worst, you would need 1,000 hours to 1,000 new clients.

To effectively scale your business, an integration that can be effortlessly implemented and maintained across a wide range of clients on different e-commerce platforms is needed. 

With a custom print on demand app, you receive a long-term, direct integration with clients on a variety of e-commerce platforms that requires no additional time whether it yields 10 or 10,000 additional client partnerships..

The advantages of a custom print on demand app expand beyond client management. Our solution makes order management, fulfillment processing, and inventory control simple and scalable. Oversee the entirety of the decoration process all within your custom e-commerce solution.