Crafting a Captivating Brand Message

Often referred to as a slogan or catchphrase, successful brands have one line that is imprinted in the minds of their customers. For Nike, it’s ‘Just Do It.’ Harley Davidson, ‘American by Birth.’ These brands have found the Holy Grail by developing brand messages that are ubiquitous to their image. For independent e-commerce retailers, a catchy and distinctive brand message will go a long way in regards to customer retention and conversion. We’ll discuss how you can craft your own brand message that will separate your brand from competitors.

The Idea of Perspective

As we’ve discussed with other aspects of brand development, there are always three perspectives to consider when building a brand; the customer perspective, internal perspective, and marketplace perspective. It can be difficult to differentiate your brand from others. Especially in the world of e-commerce. But, by finding common ground amongst these three perspectives, you can create an effective brand message.

Customer Perspective

Know your customer. Some store owners have gone as far as to immerse themselves within their target audience to truly understand them, and others spend time and money conducting research and extensive studies. It’s up to you to decide which out of the hundreds of different methods works for you and your brand.

Where do they shop? What words do they use? Who do they hang out with? Understand that information like this is essential to the knowing the customer perspective.

Internal Perspective

This perspective requires meaningful self-reflection on your brand and where you see it going. The most effective brand messages are not only carefully crafted, but they are also true in the sense of what the brand itself is. If you promote that your brand offer higher-quality than competitors, ensure that statement is true within all aspects of your brand.

Identify what your brand brings to the table for customers. The internal perspective can be summed up in your brand’s own internal mission statement.

Marketplace Perspective

This is where you position your brand against competitors. Apple and Microsoft both create high-powered software and computers, but Apple gains an edge by positioning itself with superior design, interface, and usability. Identify how your competitors are positioning their brand, and adjust accordingly.