Amplifying your customer reach as a supplier

How will you continue to reach customers?

This is a question every supplier must begin to ask themselves. Tradition marketing channels are running out of time. Many are limited and do not offer the maximum amount of customer reach that suppliers need to increase revenue and grow their brand.

Traditional Marketing Channels








We reflect on the current marketing channels and identify where they fall short of meeting a supplier’s needs, then share how F13 Works is presenting a new marketing channel through e-commerce distribution.

Traditional Distribution

Traditional distribution sales channels are valuable because they connect products with stores that have established customer bases. But, there are long payment terms and a declining number of brick & mortar stores. This directly limits their ability to extend customer reach for suppliers.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Amazon are valuable because they allow you to reach millions of potential customers with a single listing. However, controlling your brand and product listings can become burdensome.

Website B2C

Selling direct through your website usually means higher margins and more control over the end-to-end experience. For suppliers, driving traffic to your website through advertising can be expensive and challenging to manage.

E-commerce Distribution

Today, there are millions of influential online stores selling products to their loyal and established customer bases. Finding, connecting and managing relationships with these online retailers is difficult and time-consuming. F13 Works unites leading brands with influential online retailers to allow for a seamless relationship between the two. With our software, suppliers can gain access to these loyal and established customer bases like never before.

Your new sales channel

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Influential online retailers easily pull your listing into their online store

Influential online retailers easily pull your listing into their online store