4 Tips to Improve Your Email Subject Line

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to independent e-commerce retailers. From recapturing abandoned carts, to sending out monthly newsletters, emails help maintain a customer base and usually lead to an increase in conversions. However, customers are flooded with emails daily, leaving marketers with a short window to capture their attention and hold.

One effective way to stand out in an inbox is through the email subject line. The perfect subject line can draw the recipient in and eventually lead them to your website. Here’s four tips to make your subject line more eye-catching and engaging.

Know Your Goal

Understanding what you want your customers to get out of your email is very important. Are you offering a discount? Announcing a new product? Ultimately, your email subject line should address what you are giving the customer and what action you want them to take. The example below from Eat Street showcases a great email subject line that is direct, and draws the reader in by placing the discount at the beginning of the subject line.

Shorter = Better

As we mentioned earlier, marketers have a small window when it comes to grabbing the attention of customers checking their inbox. This means long, drawn-out subject lines have no place in your email marketing. MailChimp suggests 28-39 characters in an email subject line for the highest click rate.

Create a Sense of Urgency

In reality, we want our customers to act now. So our email subject line should convey that message to them. Utilize phrases like “today only” or “for a limited time” to develop a fear of missing out. Your customers will feel like they need to open your email immediately. The example below shows exactly how an urgent subject line can be crafted.

Drive Engagement with Questions

Drawing attention to an email with a question in the subject line is a great way to increase open rates. The questions can be fairly simple, but try to focus them specifically to your niche. For example, “What’s the biggest game releasing in 2017?” or “Have you seen these new trailers?” would be great questions for email marketing targeted towards video game fans. Below, you’ll see Shopify do a great job at drawing in readers by posing a questions they’ll want answered. They even hint to what problem the answer could solve.