3 Creative Ways to Drive Product Reviews

As humans, we tend to like what other people like. Online retail often boils down to a popularity contest, and product reviews play a major role in determining what’s ‘popular’. Aside from improving SEO and Google ranking, product reviews serve as third-party validation for potential customers visiting your online store. We’ll share three creative ways you can drive product reviews and gain a competitive edge in the popularity contest.

Prioritize Reviews

Whether leaving a positive or negative review, the end-goal of product reviews is for previous customers to share their opinion to encourage or discourage potential customers. Making product reviews prominent and visible is a great way to drive reviews from customers. It’s essentially letting them know that their voice will be heard.

Use Customer-Generated Content

Another creative way to drive product reviews is by highlight positive reviews left by previous customers. A simple screenshot of a positive review can be posted on social media channels with copy that gives a ‘thank you’ to the customer. This also demonstrates that you value your customer’s opinion, and can encourage them to leave reviews for a chance to receive a shoutout on your social media channels. Earth Fed Muscle does an excellent job of this on their own Instagram page. (@earthfedmuscle)

Make Reviews a Requirement

Perhaps that most unorthodox method, requiring customers to leave reviews in exchange for certain features is effective. Without knowing it, you have probably encountered a similar feature elsewhere. For example, some subreddits require a minimum amount of Reddit Karma before a user can submit their own post. Consider requiring customers to leave reviews to join a membership program or gain access to a free gift.

The popularity contest in ongoing, but product reviews can drive an increase in sales and convert customers into lifelong supporters and cheerleaders of your brand. At the end of the day, word-of-mouth remains supreme.