3 Creative Ways to Boost Productivity

The ability work remotely is both a blessing and a curse for independent e-commerce retailers. Working from home or at the local coffee shop allows for more control of one’s time, but it can be difficult to fight off distractions and remain focused during the day. This can be a detriment to productivity and efficiency in the long-run. There are many well-known methods that allow increased focus and productivity, but we’ll look at a few creative ways to stay productive while working remotely.

Go Blue

Studies have shown that blue light resembling the colors we see outside can increase productivity by leaving individuals more energized.  

As Scientific American noted in November, a 2011 investigation by Christian Cajochen, the head of the Center for Chronobiology at the University of Basel, found that volunteers exposed to a blue-based, LED-backlit computers for five hours in the evening “produced less melatonin, felt less tired, and performed better on tests of attention than those in front of a fluorescent-lit screen of the same size and brightness.”

When designing an office space or looking for a work location, consider options that contain large amounts of daylight-like blue.

Do Not Disturb

Although it can be tempting, checking emails, text messages, and other alerts can hinder productivity greatly. Refrain from checking emails and text messages randomly throughout the day and instead schedule set times to check these things. This will keep you focused and help prevent social media, email alerts, and other notifications from taking you off your game.

Follow the “Two-Minute” Rule

The idea behind this concept is to get started on the things you can do, while avoiding procrastination and laziness. Essentially, if a task takes less than two minutes, do it now. It’s surprising how many things we can accomplish quickly if we take care of them immediately. Think of taking out the trash as soon as it’s full, making your bed right after you wake up, or sending an email.