It can be difficult to explain artwork requirements to business customers who aren’t graphic designers. Thankfully, our apparel decorator design tool enables your customers to add their artwork files to your apparel mockups in an easy and simple way.

What does the design tool do?

The design tool allows your business customers to add image files and text to your apparel, and generate mockups of their designs, all within your e-commerce integration. For example, any business on Shopify would install your app and have access to the design tool.

When choosing a product to upload artwork on, users can select different color and size variations to add their artwork to at once.


How does it work?

While inside your e-commerce integration, users can upload designs, generate mockups, and add the generated product directly to their online store.

While adding their artwork, your business customers will see be notified of any artwork requirements they aren’t meeting. For example, whenever an image file is uploaded, the design tool will display the DPI for the image and alert the user if the image does not meet the DPI requirements set by you as the apparel decorator. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 6.46.05 AM

Every product has a set designable area as well. This ensures your business customers are aware of what area on your products is actually designable.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 6.46.25 AM


Is this design tool easy to use?

Yes! We’ve built this design tool with your business customers in mind to make the designing process as simple as possible.

Does this only work for apparel products?

No! Our design tool works with virtually any product. Whether it’s phone cases or coffee mugs, you can set your designable area and allow users to add their artwork.

Is the design tool included with the e-commerce integration?

Yes. Every e-commerce integration has a fully-functional design tool included.

Can I request a demo of the design tool?

Of course! Schedule a demo by reserving a meeting time below.

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